Hitting a Home Run in DC


For the first part of this week I’m traveling out to DC to visit my wife, who’s spending her summer months in an internship at the Smithsonian. Yesterday we went to visit the National Portrait Gallery (a wonderful experience in itself), and visited a small exhibit dedicated to Babe Ruth.  Being baseball fans ourselves, we couldn’t help but take a gander.

Not only did they include some wonderful portraits of the Babe throughout his career, but pictured very predominantly was an autographed Babe Ruth baseball and game-used bat.


For two people who were just strolling through a building of national treasures in a building full of priceless artwork, it was a bit of a surreal experience to stumble across one of the Holy Grails of the sports memorabilia world.  I’ve never before seen an actual Babe Ruth autograph, and never expect to again.